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Becoming the parent of a child and creating a family should be a special process. The Oregon rules and legal requirements for adoption can be complicated and challenging to follow. The attorneys at Frohnmayer Deatherage are committed to helping families navigate the laws of Oregon adoption. Our attorneys will work with compassion and dedication that ensures a wonderful start for your new family.
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The transition through a divorce can be a difficult and challenging one. Because a divorce is designed to dissolve a marriage, many different issues can be implicated, such as: asset division, child custody, parenting time, spousal support, child support and debt division. It is important to be represented by an attorney with experience in all of these different areas. Proper planning and excellent representation can mean the difference between a difficult or smooth transition.

The attorneys at Frohnmayer Deatherage have combined over 40 years of experience representing clients in divorce proceedings throughout Southern Oregon. Our attorneys will work hard and efficiently to ensure all of the areas involved in your divorce are handled, whether your divorce involves all of these issues or just a few.

Domestic Partnerships

Oregon Courts recognize the relationships of unmarried opposite sex and same sex couples. The rules for dissolving these types of relationships can be different from those rules dissolving a marriage. For example, Oregon Courts do not award Spousal Support or Alimony in dissolving a Domestic Partnership. However, the Oregon Courts generally treat Custody and Parenting Time issues in the same whether the couple is married or unmarried.

The attorneys at Frohnmayer Deatherage can help you determine which issues the court will address in dissolving your relationship. Our attorneys will work efficiently and passionately to protect your property and parental rights.

Child Support

Oregon Child Support is generally determined using the Child Support Guidelines and Calculator located at (include website). Though the calculator is simple to use, determining what numbers to input into the calculator can become complex.

The attorneys at Frohnmayer Deatherage can help make sense of which figures to use and all of the information that can be taken into account, which include health insurance costs, social security benefits, spousal support, and child care costs.


If both parties agree to have Joint Custody of a child, the court can order Joint Custody. However, if either party wants to have Sole Custody, then the court must choose one of the parties to be the Custodial Parent. Oregon Statutes provide a non-exhaustive list of the factors the court will consider in determining which parent will be the Sole Custodial parent. The attorneys at Frohnmayer Deatherage are familiar with these factors and Independent Custody Evaluations. They can assist you in determining how best to approach the court on the issue of Custody that focuses best interest of your child(ren).

Parenting Time

In Oregon, Parenting Time is different from Custody. Parenting Time is the actual time you spend with your child(ren). Even if you are not the Custodial Parent, the court can still award you substantial parenting time with your child. In some cases courts will order an even split or 50/50 parenting time between parents, regardless of which party has custody. Parenting Time can also change as your child(ren) gets older and their needs change as well. The attorneys at Frohnmayer Deatherage are experienced in developing parenting plans that can fit your situation and at modifying existing parenting plans that your family has out grown.


If you can reach an agreement with your ex, you will most likely be happier in the long run. Judges and Courtrooms can resolve an argument, but you must give up control of the outcome in order to have the court resolve your case. The attorneys at Frohnmayer Deatherage have helped many clients mediate their case. The key is to understand how your case will likely resolve in court. Because we have experience in handling many Family Law cases, our attorneys can help you understand likely court outcomes and this allows you to decide what you would be willing to compromise on in mediation and what you are willing to fight for. The Oregon Circuit Courts have mediation programs for Parenting Time and Custody. As well private mediators and Circuit Court Judges are willing to help parties sit down and work through all issues to reach agreement. The attorneys at Frohnmayer Deatherage can help you decide if one of these programs would work for you.


Some issues decided by courts are subject to change. The courts can modify Spousal or Child Support if there has been a substantial change in economic circumstances by either party. This can be anything from getting a raise, losing a job or incurring an unexpected new monthly expense. The courts can also modify Custody or Parenting Time if there has been a change in the family that requires it. The attorneys at Frohnmayer Deatherage can review your existing Judgment and assist you in determining if circumstances have changed enough to re-approach the court about changing one of these issues.

Prenuptial Agreements

Generally Oregon Courts will enforce an agreement made by parties who are contemplating marriage. However it is important to make sure that both parties have full disclosure of their financial situation and both parties have access to legal advice before entering into this agreement. The attorneys at Frohnmayer Deatherage have experience in drafting and enforcing these agreements. Our attorneys can help you in the planning and drafting stage to help ensure the agreement is enforceable in the future.

Restraining/Stalking Orders

If you have been the victim of abuse or repeated unwanted contact, you may qualify for a Restraining Order or Stalking Order. The qualifications for a Stalking Order and Restraining Order are different, as well as the protections each provides. The attorneys at Frohnmayer Deatherage have substantial experience both enforcing and defending Stalking and Restraining Orders. Our attorneys can help in determining if either a Stalking or Restraining Order is appropriate in your case.

Spousal Support

In Oregon State Court Spousal Support(Alimony) may be ordered in any Dissolution of Marriage. The amount and duration of Spousal Support can vary based on the type of Spousal Support(maintenance, transitional, or compensatory) and a number of factors which can include: the length of the marriage, the differences income of the parties, whether there are children, the expenses of the parties, and the potential income of the parties. The attorneys at Frohnmayer Deatherage have substantial experience Spousal Support matters. Our attorneys can help in determining if Spousal Support is appropriate in your case.

Taxes, WIlls, and Estate Planning

For more than 90 years the Frohnmayer Deatherage firm has been providing estate planning, estate administration, and tax services to Southern Oregon clients.

We recognize that every client has a unique set of life circumstances, financial conditions, and planning objectives. We have the skill, training and experience to help our clients plan for and achieve the transfer of assets to beneficiaries efficiently and with a minimum tax burden. We assist our clients in succession planning for family held businesses, real property interests including farm and ranch land and commercial properties, qualified retirement plan assets and IRAs, life insurance and securities. We have extensive experience in family limited liability companies, charitable trusts and other forms of charitable transfers, life insurance trusts, discounting techniques, generation skipping transfers, and other sophisticated tax and estate planning tools.

Our experienced lawyers and staff will also assist with all aspects of probate, estate administration and trust administration, including post-death tax planning and the preparation of estate tax returns.

We also assist clients in tax compliance matters involving the Internal Revenue Service and the Oregon Department of Revenue. We assist clients in audit disputes, tax appeals, Tax Court proceedings, collection issues, offers in compromise, and other matters relating to income, estate, gift and withholding taxes.

Among the specific tax and estate planning services which we provide to clients are:
  • Estate and gift tax planning
  • Business succession planning
  • Wills
  • Revocable and irrevocable trusts
  • Charitable remainder trusts and insurance trusts
  • Family limited liability companies
  • Business limited liability companies
  • Charitable contribution planning
  • Estate and trust administration
  • Post-mortem planning
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Business Transactions

Frohnmayer Deatherage's mission is to provide every client with clear, concise and competent legal assistance in a changing and challenging business environment. Our business clients range from small startup companies to large corporations. Our goal is to provide each client with creative, appropriate, responsible and cost-effective assistance with legal issues.

Our attorneys frequently aid startup companies in choosing an appropriate form of business entity, and in structuring partnerships, joint ventures, corporations and limited liability companies. We also work with established businesses in connection with ongoing business operations such as drafting and reviewing contracts, leases and financing documents. We aid in the acquisition and spin-off of assets and business entities. We help clients in planning for the withdrawal of owners and key employees from business enterprises through the use of buy-sell agreements and succession plans. Our experienced trial attorneys handle any type of commercial litigation.

We advise our clients concerning a broad range of business issues, including:
  • Business formation
  • Construction law
  • Contracts
  • Corporations
  • Real estate issues
  • Leases
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Partnerships
  • Business succession planning
  • Income tax planning
  • Tax compliance issues
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Civil Litigation

Frohnmayer, Deatherage, Jamieson, Moore, Armosino & McGovern, PC, handles a wide range of litigation in state and federal court. Our attorneys handle commercial litigation, business litigation, personal injury cases, employment matters, real estate disputes, domestic relations, premises liability cases, fire cases and insurance matters.

Our attorneys are experienced trial attorneys who are in the courtroom on a regular basis handling hearings, bench trials and jury trials. We strive to provide the most cost efficient representation possible and encourage alternative dispute resolutions, when appropriate. However, many cases simply need to be decided in a courtroom. Our attorneys are your advocates when a matter must be decided by a judge or jury.

Our trial attorneys are experienced advocates, mediators and arbitrators. No one will work harder for you, no one.
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Medical Malpractice Defense

The lawyers at Frohnmayer, Deatherage, Jamieson, Moore, Armosino & McGovern, PC, defend health care professionals throughout Oregon. Physicians, dentists, medical clinics, hospitals and nurse practitioners are routinely defended in state and federal court. In addition, the firm offers representation and assistance with credentialing matters for both medical and dental professions before the various state medical boards.
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Mediation and Arbitration

At Frohnmayer, Deatherage, Jamieson, Moore, Armosino & McGovern, PC, our experienced trial attorneys also provide their services as mediators and arbitrators. Attorneys at the firm provide mediation services in domestic relations cases for both represented and unrepresented parties.

Our attorneys also often serve as sole arbitration panel members for all types of civil litigation that end up in arbitration.

Personal Injury

The attorneys at Frohnmayer, Deatherage, Jamieson, Moore, Armosino & McGovern, PC, have been handling personal injury cases in state and federal courts for over 100 years. Our attorneys are experienced in exploring alternative dispute resolution for any and all cases when available. In the event your case cannot be resolved through such avenues, the attorneys at Frohnmayer, Deatherage, Jamieson, Moore, Armosino & McGovern, PC, are experienced in taking your case to a jury.

Personal injury cases that are regularly handled by the firm include the following:

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Wrongful Death Cases
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Commercial Trucking Accidents
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